Mortgage Lending Circles Back Around and Helps the Little People Once Again

Big banks have historically helped the middle class at tremendous levels. Individuals in the past had no obvious path to home ownership except saving up thousands of dollars and hoping for the best. Banks fulfilled that role. They gave many people homes.

But, that does not seem to be their top priority in 2017. For many reasons (notably the staggering real estate collapse) banks have tightened their efforts to supply medium loans to the middle class. They now have stricter terms for obtaining a mortgage. It is a logical response to the housing crisis, but it leaves a lot of people lost on where to go.

Full Circle

It all seems to have come full circle in an odd way. Historically, banks supplied fair term loans to people. Now, they supply loan mortgages to upper-class individuals who can drop a 25% down payment and boast a credit score over 660. Consumers who do not fit that portfolio can go to a direct lender. It has come full circle because the small lenders now fulfill the roles of banks prior to the last 20 years.

Big banks use to be community-driven until they exploded on Wall Street. They use to have a more grounded system for dealing in home ownership. But, their own mistakes have relegated them to the fringes. Big banks have helped support the little people in the past. Now, they serve only the “best” while direct lenders have stepped in to help people who do not have all the resources easily available and ready to go.

Buyers Have Options

Direct lenders fill the void and offer fantastic opportunities for aspiring home buyers. Home buyers are not forced to engage with the big banking institutions. They can opt for a smaller approach. Dustin Dimisa has sought to make mortgages more approachable for years, and his hard work has paid off in the development of Customer Connect. The program acts as a platform or entryway for new home buyers to find resources, choose the best route, and obtain reasonable mortgages.

The Customer Connect does not necessarily avoid big banks entirely but offers realistic angles to dealing with them and getting good rates. Visit the Twitter page of Dustin Dimisa for up-to-date information regarding direct lending and home mortgages. It is viewable at